Friday, July 6, 12:00 p.m. 

Dear Pierce Chapel family, 
Just a note to thank you all for your prayers for us in Kentucky this week. We have had a wonderful week full of many blessings and mercies from God. Our three workteams have worked diligently in extreme heat and have done so with great patience, perseverance, and loving dedication. We had one injury on the job on Tuesday afternoon, which sent one team member to the ER for an x-ray of her left forearm. We thank God that her arm was not broken and that the 2 x 4 did not hit her head! She is bruised and sore, but as you would imagine, has remained with her team and is cheering them on. 

You will not be surprised to learn that our VBS team has been amazing as they have ministered to 31 very ENERGETIC, BEAUTIFUL children, who demand lots of attention and have been showered with love by our incredible crew leaders. For the first time in my history doing VBS in Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Costa Rica, we did VBS “unplugged” (as in with NO ELECTRICAL POWER for music or videos or AC) on Tuesday when we had no power for several hours, resulting from the storm on Monday night. Despite the challenge and even because of it, God provided every need we had. We practiced the cardinal rule of flexibility, and the Lord blessed us greatly with an “unplugged” VBS that day. It was amazing!!! 

We had a wonderful experience last night to close out our formal meetings for the week, and we heard heartfelt testimonies from teenagers and adults alike about how hearts have been touched this week. Our own students have led worship every single day with their beautiful musical talents. It is so evident that God is at work in them, and we as adults could not be prouder to be associated with the teenagers who are part of our Pierce Chapel family. I wish you could all see them in action as they serve their hearts out with so much patience and love. They are tired, but still serving in ways that reflect the love and humility of Christ. 

We will finish up today and be traveling home in the morning. (Actually five team members are heading home this afternoon, and the other 28 of us are leaving in the morning.) Please continue to lift us up in prayer, and we will be so happy to see you again on Sunday morning as we worship together. You’ll get to see and hear some about how God has been at work this week in us. Thank you for supporting us with your prayers and with your faith promise offerings. We love you so much and count it a privilege to be part of the Body of Christ with you. 

With joy,